Monday, September 4, 2017


Once again, I find myself working on Labor Day, but don't feel bad for me. Right now, I am typing out this blog post while watching the sun set from a hill overlooking the mighty Hudson:

It's been some day, I spent a good deal of it talking with one of the ladies in the gift shop about her family's recent trip to one of my all-time favorite places on Earth- Quebec City. When her husband arrived, we all continued rhapsodizing about the place. The prettiest European city is in North America. I also had a lovely conversation with a family which had arrived too late for our tours, but I took them to a hilly spot which overlooked the site and pointed out the attractions, so they can return at a later date. I describe my approach to work as '90% by the book'... every so often, you have to go slightly outside of the usual script, and in my experience, it benefits the organization.

When everybody left, I locked up and did my inspection tour of the site. Our apple orchard is at its peak, so I have had my pick of apples. The geese onsite are going nuts for the apples, and I indulged them by feeding them bits of apple (with the peel attached- when you have a gazillion free apples, you don't have to eat the peels like you'd do if you had purchased them) and then tossing them the cores, resulting in a free-for-all. I was able to feed one particularly brazen goose from hand, though it's not that appealing to have a sizable chunk of keratin knocking into your fingers.

It's not a bad life... I always joke that the job is cushy, except when it's not, and today has definitely been in the 'cushy' column, which is perfect for Labor Day.

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