Thursday, September 21, 2017

Been Busy, Catching up with the Atrocities

It's been a busy week... on Monday, I went out drinking and learning, at work I am in Fall mode, compiling and re-compiling schedules, dealing with contractors setting up for the Autumn fundraisers, and generally staying on my toes. I'm getting a full dose of the horrible performance by our moron president at the United Nations (Vixen Strangely is killing it all week).

It's not normal, with Trump referring to Kim Jong Un with his jokey nickname while threatening to totally destroy North Korea, and making up a new mashup African country while bragging about his friends exploiting African nations and peoples.

This week of diplomatic blunders can't end soon enough- I fully expect Trump to mention his very fine allies from Kekistan before the week is over. Maybe it's a good thing that I've been ensconced in a cocoon most of the week.


Smut Clyde said...

I've been ensconced in a cocoon most of the week.

Oh noes, the spiders got BBBB

mikey said...

Meh. You're not missing anything. Let me give you the nickel tour.

Our president is an idiot. He's going to say things and do things that are stupid, embarrassing, counterproductive and occasionally downright dangerous. There - now you get back to work - I'll holler if anything changes.

Meanwhile, don't fall for the mis-direction. The action's going to be with Iran, and it's coming soon. Just a matter of when Mueller's grand jury starts handing down indictments...