Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump and Muslims

The internet is abuzz with Trump's dumb idea to ban all Muslims from entering the US- besides religious tests being completely unconstitutional, the guy has made no distinction between immigrants, refugees, tourists, and citizens. As a bastard with close Muslim friends (I'd say that I would trust these people with my life, but I do trust these people with my life every time we're in the dojo together), I have to note that Trump is a bigoted asshole, and that his statement is not all that different from Jeb Bush's stated position.

It seems like Trump isn't walking back this comment anytime soon- he'd kill his chances with the base, who will probably turn on the other GOPers who are leveling lukewarm criticism at Vulgarmort. I can see a way for Trump to do a complete 180 on Muslims entering the country... just tell him that Islam forbids labor unions. We all know who Trump considers the real enemy.

The kernel for this post came to me while I was waiting for my 'spinach twist' to come out of the oven at a local pizzeria. The family that owns it is Albanian, but I've never asked them if they are Muslim or not... but if the topic of Trump ever came up in conversation, I'd be the first to call him a budalla.


Chickpea said...

We are pretty pissed off with him on this side of the pond as well for repeating the total bullshit about no go areas in London. There have been calls to ban him from the U.K. while a good idea, it may be more fun to get him over here and let Londoners tell it like it is. "You're a w*nker bruv"

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Vulgarmort is awesome.