Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pfffft... Halloween

I've worked every Halloween for the past seven years. Although October is our major fundraising month on the job, Halloween is not one of the nights on which we run a fundraiser. I have had a couple of people just show up at the front door and ask what's going on. When I told her that nothing is happening, one girl replied, "But your web site says..." I asked her to show me the website on her phone and then set her straight... "That's not our website."

There are some trick-or-treaters roaming about the neighborhood, but none of them has come by the front door (it is, after all, not a residence). A few hours ago, a couple of families came by to use the restrooms, but that was when the place was open. I figure the rest of the night will be pretty quiet.

At any rate, it's another lackluster Halloween. I think it can be summed up by this unintentionally(?) obscene pumpkin which is supposed to represent a tombstone cherub:

I call it "gourdse". Happy Halloween, folks!