Friday, February 8, 2013


The big story here in the Northeast is the monster snowstorm that is expected to hit a good portion of the northeastern United States. The New York metro area could very well receive about two feet of snow (approximately 60 centimeters), and the wind gusts are projected to hit 60 mph (about 96 kph), and the Boston metro area is supposed to receive about a third more snow.

The weather pattern is supposed to involve the meeting of a low-pressure system moving up the Atlantic Coast and an eastward moving winter storm commonly known as an Alberta clipper. This sort of combination sounds eerily familiar. Basically, instead of "Sandy", we seem to have a "Snowy" on our hands. Of course, storm surge is also a problem.

I'm currently at work, and I was scheduled to come back at midnight, but my co-worker and agreed to swap shifts so he'll be working a sixteen hour overnight ordeal during the blizzard, and I'll be working a sixteen hour endurance tour in the aftermath (if the car is totally buried with no possibility of extraction, I'll plan on taking public transportation- I'm keeping my fingers crossed here). I'm going to run around now that the sun is up and "batten down the hatches" as much as I can.

Before my current shift, I stopped at the supermarket to buy some yogurt and a box of cereal for "lunch". EVERY SINGLE CONTAINER OF MILK IN THE STORE HAD BEEN SOLD. EVERY... SINGLE... ONE... Luckily, I still had milk in the fridge at work, but I have to asky, why milk? Why, of all things, does milk sell out? I'm not much of a milk drinker- I just use it in my coffee, and occasionally put it on cereal (I'm a weirdo, I eat a lot of oats, but I almost never make oatmeal, and I mix commercial cereal with rolled oats and eat it with yogurt... I guess it's the Swiss part of my heritage, I'm a dedicated Müesli man). I made it a point to fill the gas tank of my car. It'll probably be a rough weekend, but my poor co-worker will be the one taking on the chin while I lounge around the house with a Dutch oven full of some simmering slumgullion keeps the place warm (I'm thinking navy beans simmered with a hambone, perhaps). We divide the lumps pretty equitably, so I'm not having pangs of guilt. We all get our asses kicked some time or other.

Post title explained.

UPDATE: Flurries began around 7AM, and now, at 8AM, there is a pretty heavy snowfall. Yikes!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Good luck with that...

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Looks like we got the Alberta Clipper portion of that. we got a good eight inches. Fortunately for me, Young Zombie shoveled while I was working late....

OBS said...

I like a little snow, but that does not sound like any fun. Hopefully it'll blow over quickly.

squirrel_e_girl said...

I'm an hour north of Toronto and we've got close to a foot and a wind yet, so that's good. No storm surge either ;)
You ask "Why milk?" ...One word. Teenagers. Those little bastards drink more milk than what normal people would consider humanly possible. But I guess teenagers are only vaguely human.
Speaking of teenagers, for the past few months one of mine has been calling me "Merm" or "Mermah"...and I have to admit that I find it kinda endearing... in a weird, moderately annoying, overly nasally way.