Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Or You Could Get Your D-Bag Supporters to Pay Them Decent Wages

Reading this has me utterly flabbergasted. Mitt Romney decided to weigh in on the plight of "the help":

“It’s tough being middle class in America right now,” Romney said. “The waiters and waitresses that come in and out of this room and offer us refreshments, they’re not having a good year. The people of the middle class of America are really struggling. And they’re struggling I think in a way because they’re surprised because when they voted for Barack Obama…he promised them that things were going to get a heck a lot of better. He promised hope and change and they’re still waiting.”

Of course, the real problem faced by the waitstaff is that the donors who paid "$2,500, $10,000 or $50,000" to hear Willard speak is that the rich d-bags who attended the fundraiser pay them miserable wages. Just imagine that you're one of the "little people" listening to the Rombot blather on about how the president's policies are what's ailing them... I imagine that snotchos were on the menu for this fundraiser. Also, since when are country-club waiters "middle class", rather than "working class"?

As an aside, I worked in the food service industry for years, and never once did it occur to me to adulterate anyone's food. For one thing, I think it's pretty chickenshit- if I were going to lower the boom on some asshole, I'd hate myself if I didn't do it to his or her face. More importantly, I was working in a local deli, and I came to know and like the vast majority of the people who came in through the door. Of course, they tended to be working stiffs on their way to the job, or guys coming in for a beer and a snack after work. Only once did I deal with overly entitled customers, when my boss decided to institute lunch delivery, and my boss discontinued deliveries when I told him the customers were assholes.

Hell, I tell the story of this one-day foray into lunch delivery... I had to deliver a bunch of lunches to the office staff of a major retailer, and the total of the order was, for argument's sake, $33.45. I carry a box full of sandwiches and salads to the office, and one of the workers hands me $34, telling me, "Keep the change." Frankly, I was more offended by the paltry tip than I would have been by no tip at all. I got back to the deli, and put the entire amount into the cash register. My boss asked me, "Did they give you a tip?" I replied, "Rick, they gave me the whole shaft!" That was the end of lunch deliveries.

I didn't blame then-president Reagan for the stinginess of the customers.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I believe the Dead Kennedys had this one down cold.

wiley said...

What a fantastic boss!

carmilevy said...

It's actually painful watching Romney try to relate to anyone who isn't a rich white folk like him. Pathetic, really, and yet another sign of just how screwed up our political value structure has become. Well said.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Painful, Carmi? Or hilarious?

Laura said...

Yeah, I'm sure if John McCain had been elected instead of Obama, the working stiffs would be living in Beverly Hills right now-right?

I used to waitress in a department store cafeteria when I was in my teens. The people coming in expected to be treated like they were in the Ritz or something.
As a surly teen, I had little patience for them. I never did anything bad to anyone's food either though. I did "accidently", spill hot coffee on some old geezers lap one time but he kept grabbing my ass so, he deserved it.