Thursday, April 8, 2010

Short Observations

The usual suspects are prattling on about how President Obama's nuclear arms reduction proposal is going to make the United States less safe. All I have to say about this is that it's a relief that one does not talk of the Bush "Family Atomics" anymore.

In light of the latest in a string of coal mining disasters, coal is a pretty damn bad base upon which to build an energy policy, but it does make for a damn fine pizza (Thunder's gonna be jealous). How about a sane energy policy, and a non-predatory jobs program for Appalachia, so coal mining can become a safely run "boutique" industry to support a handful of pizzerias?

For the second day in a row, it's pushing 80F in April... where are all the people who were "Dur hur"-ing about the snow a month ago?


Smut Clyde said...

coal [...] does make for a damn fine pizza

Too crunchy for my tastes.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

one of em was at the Grand Canyon today, durr-hurring about rising temperatures over the last century.

I shoulda thrown him over the edge.