Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Taking the Grift National

One of the current outrages in the news is the announcement by the administration of a private school in Florida that they will ban any faculty members who decide to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  Their letter explaining the policy is a farrago of pseudoscientific nonsense:

Yeah, apparently, vaccine recipients emanate some sort of miasma or radiation which adversely affects others... sounds legit. I tend to have an eye for details, so the name of one of the school's proprietors, Leila Centner, whose signature that crazy letter bears, jumped out at me when I saw it on a poster for an upcoming Q-adjacent, antivaccine rally: My guess is that Ms Centner is looking to take her grift national. I'm not exactly sure how remunerative her private school endeavor is, but the timing of her anti-vaccine employment policy anouncement, so close to her appearance at this 'health and freedom' rally, suggest that she is looking for the big bucks, the Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell sort of payout.

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