Friday, April 9, 2021

Don't Vote for Failsons

The biggest problem in the United States, from a political standpoint, is that there are just too many damn failsons involved in our gocernment.  George W. Bush is a failson, and he damn near destroyed the country with his wars of choice and his laissez faire economic policies which tanked the economy.  Donald Trump is a failson, and he was even worse than Dubya.  Matt Gaetz?  Failson...  

Here in New York State, Andrew Cuomo has turned out to be quite the failson.  Who better to challenge this failson in the upcoming gubernatorial election than another failson named Andrew?  Andrew Giuliani has stated that he is running for the governorship of New York, despite never have served in an elected position- he was involved in Former Guy's Associate Director of the Office of Public Liaison, but we all know that Former Guy's maladministration was a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Andrew Giuliani's campaign is pretty much dead on arrival, as New York is a heavily Democratic state.  I suspect that Andrew Cuomo's campaign is also dead on arrival, he just has too much baggage.  Personally, I even find our lieutenant governor too conservative for my tastes, and would rather see our attorney general or senate majority leader running for the office.

We don't need another failson in a position of authority... ever.  Don't vote for failsons, not in the primary, not in the general.  Just don't ever vote for failsons.

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Dave Pickering said...

Let's not forget the odious Rand Paul, son of the equally odious Ron.