Thursday, April 22, 2021

Critiquing the Critics

 It's been a pretty rough week, news-wise, so I figured I'd take a night off for something fun.  I recently discovered a hilarious Twitter account that chronicles reviews by critics that, in retrospect, are laughably bad.  This particular review was the one that caught my eye, but all of the highlighted reviews are terrible:

Now, I went on a pretty deep dive into Kraftwerk's oeuvre when Florian Schneider died last year, so I am a little biased. That said, Trans Europe Express was a wildly influential album, described in 2014 by LA Times music critic Randall Roberts as "the most important pop album of the last 40 years."  It was a landmark, inspiring hip-hop, rock, electronica, and industrial musicians for decades.  

The thirteen minute song that the reviewer compared to a sleeping pill,

The 13 minute track that the reviewer compared to a sleeping pill is a bonafide dance classic, guaranteed to get everybody out on the floor:

That's some soporific!

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Richard said...

Happy Earth Day to you, Big Bald Bastard. And to all your readers. I am old, and remember the first one.
I thought it was a good idea. I still think so.
Please continue to be careful. We had a death in our community from that covid.This week. It is too soon to relax.
It might have been a random event, but please be careful. Now we have all kinds of problems. What about his Mom? She is old, and he was the caregiver. What about his girlfriend? What about his dog? It happened very fast.
Please continue to be aware and understand that we are still trying to know about this.

Anyway, back to Earth Day. It was windy but nice. All the trees and plants look like they want to go again. A squall of cold rain almost hail. Besides humans, the only mammals i saw were mule deer and ground squirrels. Ardilla is what i call them. They looked great. They were so fat, i figured they might be pregnant.
Because it was windy and squally, there weren't many birds. A Raven, a turkey vulture, some scrub jays. Some sparrows. A Rock Wren.
The most notable invertabrate i saw today was a Pinacate .
I don't like to talk about them, because as soon as you do, they get squashed. Eleodes.

Also, i don't like to say Pinacate because that's personal. I think people who don't know anything should not have a right to say eew gross and step on that creature.
I am always saying- that is a Pinacate! Didn't you hear about that? Poor thing! I don't know what happened.