Saturday, January 9, 2021


As appalling as Wednesday was, there IS a salutary result, which is that the Trump dead-enders are getting arrested for their insurrection... largely because they posted about it on social media.  These are not smart people we are talking about.

This Iowa idiot actually posted on social media that he was in the Capitol, and got arrested for his stupidity.

The Q Shaman shithead was taken into custody, his magical powers were not up to the task of warding off the Feds.

Newly elected West Virginia delegate Derrick Evans resigned, and was charged with multiple offenses.

Arkansas asshole Richard Barnett doesn't look as smug as he did sitting at Pelosi's desk after his arrest.

Florida Man Adam Johnson took his final stand before being arrested.

Former Air Force lieutenant colonel Larry Brock of Texas, recorded using body armor and carrying zipties, lost his job with an aviation company and will probably be arrested.

Perhaps the most interesting case, a fantastic narrative of in the aftermath of this insurrection is the hunt for this guy, who was actually done in by his expensive 'tacticool' equipment by activist groups The Sparrow Project and Opossum Press.  A by the Opossum Press and independent researcher Regina Morales.  Far from being a Blackwater op, the guy turned out to be Tennessee bartender and LARPer Eric Munchel.  

The MAGA morons flew too close to the sun, and like Stupid Icarus, a big crash is a-coming.  Their white privilege isn't going to protect them from the FBI and the Biden Administration DoJ... I call them PokéMAGA, because you gotta catch 'em all.

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