Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Capitol Crimes

Not having to start work until 9PM, I spent much of the day checking out various Twitter feeds from reporters covering the MAGA uprising in Washington DC.  The most appalling thing about the riot, which involved the storming of the Capitol building, necessitating an evacuation which disrupted the electoral vote certification, was the way in which the Capitol Police seemed to be in on the whole siege.  I mean, look at the leisurely manner in which the Capitol was 'stormed':

If the rioters had been left-of-center, they would have been met with tear gas and impact munitions, not this half-hearted, half-assed approach: The police were also lackadaisical in their response to attacks on the media, and destruction of their equipment: Yeah, their response to an insurrection was tepid at best, complicit at worst: If these had been people of color, they would have been shot with live rounds: One of the craziest scenes was when the police literally turned their backs on the mob (Sensei drilled into me never to turn my back on an opponent, even during a friendly sparring session, punctuating it with a size fifteen foot in the middle of my back after he'd thrown me). This looks like capitulation, if not complicity: Thankfully, this insurrection only delayed the inevitable certification of Biden's win, but I'm going to be watching to see if any of the perpetrators are arrested. The identities of several are known... these idiots shot video of themselves criming. It's been a long, infuriating day.

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