Thursday, January 7, 2021

At Least SOME Heads Are Gonna Roll

One of the main themes of my post yesterday is that the DC Capitol Police exhibited such incompetence that I suspected, and suspect, complicity. I mean, look at this and tell me that the police opposed this attempted coup: The most infuriating detail about the police response to this insurrection is that journalists who research online extremist movements, such as NBC's Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny knew for weeks that there plans to storm the Capitol: I'm not a professional, but I knew that there was talk of storming the Capitol on the 6th. Why the hell didn't the FBI and Capitol police mount a serious response these expressed threats? Thankfully, Nancy Pelosi isn't taking this lying down (hell, her life was at risk yesterday), and has called for the resignation of the chief of the Capitol police: The Sergeant at Arms has also announced his resignation. In her place, I'd have the guy fired, and then investigated. Mere resignation, even forced resignation, is just not enough. I'd also like to see an investigation of each and every officer who was on duty yesterday, to determine their conduct during the whole sorry kerfuffle. I've been in a pissy mood lately, so I think an angry song is in order, via heavy metal titans Judas Priest: 'Priest' frontman Rob Halford splits his time between the UK and Arizona, and describes himself as a 'royalist', so it's doubtful that he would run for political office, but I would be ecstatic if he ran against Paul Gosar. We need a representative who looks like this.

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