Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Large Adult Son-ing

 Today was a second day of odd jobs, the main one being the replacement of a toilet seat...

"How long has this hinge been broken?"

"About three years.  The glue I used is really terrible."

Okay, then!  It was a simple matter, and I had an evil thought: a lot of these minor household repair jobs are like putting Legos together (socket set not included), perhaps I could enlist 8-year olds as handypersons and trick them into thinking they are playing.  I could even bill their parents, claiming it was a 'Junior Engineering Daycamp'.  Let the profits roll in!

The other major task was moving a large flowerpot into the kitchen to accomodate an almost-meter tall avocado plant (one of three) that Mom has grown from a pit.  Mom has quite the green thumb, and the centerpiece of her old house was a Ficus tree that was languishing in my brother Sweetums' apartment until Mom took custody of it- she nursed it from a one-leaf tragedy into a ten foot tall behemoth that was just too big to move.  At the same time, she had another avocado tree, a five-footer that one of the movers, a Latin American immigrant, immediately recognized.  Mom told him that it was too heavy for her to bring to her new place, so she bequeathed it to this gentleman, who would no doubt cherish it... after one of his colleagues helped him load it onto the bed of his pickup truck.

This particular job was simple grunt work, it basically involved being a large brute who could wrestle a large flowerpot full of potting soil (a legacy from the annuals which had previously occupied the pot) up a flight of stairs.  Who needs a subtle approach when one can just 'Large Adult Son' a solution?

I think I earned a beer with that.

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