Friday, February 14, 2020

Romance With a Side of Whimsy

It was while I was on line at the supermarket checkout (I don't use the self-scan... remember, the job you save may end up being your own) last night, purchasing provisions for the graveyard shift- the guy behind me, a gent of about sixty or so, had flowers and two Valentine's Day cards. I put the divider on the conveyor belt and joked that he had a good memory for calendar dates. I then busted his hump a bit about having two cards, "One for your wife, and one for your mistress?" He took it in good humor, then contrasted the two cards... one of them had a sincere message, and the other one was a 'Peanuts' themed popup card that played Linus and Lucy when opened, which tickled him pink.

I joked about how buying his wife two Valentine's cards would earn him some brownie points. He was a nice guy, and I imagine that his wife, being the sort of woman who'd get a kick out of a 'Peanuts' card, is a jolly gal. Romance with a side of whimsy, what a nice idea. The trope of tragic love is unhelpful to anyone, maybe we all should be slightly goofy when it comes to matters of the heart.


Becks said...

The husband and I almost always have 2 cards- one for fun and one for mush. Though the mushy one is often hand made... FYI- came over here by way of MPS- love your comments.

Emma said...

There is only one thing I hate more than tragic love. Well, there are two things:
1.) Tragic love as obligate for queer characters, and
2.) I Big Heart My Domineering (& Often Otherwordly) Daddy

Normally I feel that Valentine's Day is for cucks and speak out accordingly, but this year I was on Vicodin recovering from a tooth extraction and wouldn't have noticed if Feb 14th was National Shove A Quacking Duck Up Your Bum Day. So, marked improvement.