Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Civil War 2.0 Pre-Enactor

Ugh, here's a dispatch from the fever swamps of the Right- a disgruntled right-winger ejected from a Civil War re-enactor troupe sent death threats (and a pipe-bomb) to his former faux comrades under the guise of 'Antifa'. Of course, he's a registered sex offender... most of these creeps seem to be. The perpetrator really laid it on thick, with a popular antifascist symbol used as the return address on the envelopes he sent.

A letter he sent to his former buddies is so incoherent that it suggests that the guy is an 'English only' nutbag- these people never seem to have a firm grasp on the language they claim to champion:

“Don’t think metal detectors will help, we have plastic pipe bombs. If you won’t stop this celebration of slavery than maybe we need to hurt the participants to stop it instead of just the visitors…We are the ones that did it to you last year, we used a bad bomb guy his mercury switch, and rocket launch wire didn’t work on the pipe bomb covered in nuts, just so you know we are real and returning.”

Thankfully, his little game was given away by his failure to obfuscate his detailed knowledge of the group, and an animosity toward a particular member. Even better, while serving a previous prison sentence, the d00d drew diagrams of pipe bombs, similar in design to the bomb he sent.

I think the guy would make a great cellmate for the MAGAbomber, though the way things are going, Trump will probably pardon them both and appoint them to high ranking positions in the DoJ.

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