Thursday, November 7, 2019

Make Cuisine Great Again

Among the deplorable residents of MAGAstan, perhaps the most outré are Diamond and Silk (or as I prefer to call them, Lump of Carbon and Extruded Caterpillar Secretion). They have made careers out of being African-American Trump supporters, though I can't for the life of me tell if they are True Believers, grifters, or trolls... or perhaps a bizarre mixture of the three. On a recent Fox appearance, their particular brand of stupidity makes me suspect that some sort of Poe's Law is at play, because I can't believe that anyone, even a Trump supporter, could be this idiotic:

If they are playing dumb to appeal to the racist Fox viewership, they are deep under cover. I mean, if they aren't idiots, then their Fox segment on making a 'without sugar' banana pudding out of sugar-laden commercial pudding mixes, 'Nilla wafers ("some people call it vanilla wafers, but they're nilla wafers"), and canned whipped cream has got to be an Oscar-worthy performance:

Watching the two segments, I have to go with the simplest explanation... they are dumb as stumps. Despite, or rather because, of this, they are laughing idiotically all the way to the bank.


Ed said...

Let's focus on "salt and sugar" so we can ignore the message.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I can focus on multiple things at once. They are a slight, but entertaining, distraction, and their schtick only fools people who want to be fooled.

Al said...

I got rid of my TV so I don't have to watch this terrible shit-show propaganda called "entertainment".