Saturday, August 31, 2019

What Do They Have To Be Proud Of?

It looks like the 'Straight Pride' parade in Boston went off like a damp squib. In actuality, this event served as cover for a neo-Nazi parade. As seems to be inevitable, 'straight pride' seems to be entirely about hating LGBTQ people, and sadly the police of Boston appeared to take the side of the neo-Nazis over that of the people who believe in peaceful coexistence. PD, do better.

There looks to have been moments of levity and Vermin Supreme was generally being his own bad self:

The whole thing is a shitshow, meant to belittle the lived experience of LGBTQ people. 'Gay Pride' is about survival, the ability to live life openly, publicly, without fear of repression, suppression, or aggression. This 'Straight Pride' thing is about grievance against people who are merely claiming the rights they should have been granted all along. I'd dismiss it as mere trolling, but it is meant to elicit genuine fear, fear that the bad old days of authoritarian bigotry will return. It would be easy to ignore this sort of thing, dismissing it as a juvenile stunt, but I feel that I owe it to my LGBTQ friends not to turn a blind eye to people who wish to have a carte blanche to attack them.

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