Monday, August 19, 2019

Meanwhile, Back in NYC

The big local story today was the guilty verdict leveled against two of the ‘Proud Boys’ for gang assault, stemming from a post-rally jumping of perceived foes on Manhattan’s Upper East Side last October. This comes on the heels of their bizarre rally last weekend in Portland. I have to note that the authorities in NYC are a lot less tolerant of fascist bullshit than the Portland authorities seem to be.

Generally speaking, New Yorkers as a whole are less tolerant of this sort of thing... we can be assholes, but we hate out of town assholes who try to out-asshole us. Our metro area is extremely diverse, unlike Portland, and we like it that way. The one intolerance we have is for the intolerant. Now that these two creeps are facing prison time, it’s time to seriously consider deporting Gavin McInnes, the Canadian doofus who modeled his pathetic gang on the violent football clubs in the UK. I suspect he read three-quarters of the way through Among the Thugs, and thought it was cool, never getting to the part where the hooligans are lured into an ambush by Sardinian police and beaten to a pulp. Hopefully, his dopey followers will realize that he sold them out, and grow the fuck up. Until then, incarceration is a pretty good remedy for these morons.

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