Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Betcha Can't Watch Just One

So, I have a day off today, and it's a typical December day, no need to leave the house until it gets a little warmer. While I am not a big comic book fan, I was turned onto these funny Justice League Action Shorts:

These shorts are funny and subversive, the perfect antidote to the 'grimdark' aesthetic which seemed to take over the medium when misogynistic assholes like Frank Miller took the reins and the West (the best!) camp aesthetic was jettisoned. These shorts bring the fun back to the funny pages, striking a nice balance between the gonzo, day-glo 1960S superhero series and the outstanding art-deco-with-a-muted-palette-but-not-oppressive 1990s Batman: The Animated Series. These are superheroes, and villains, who have hobbies, who have anxieties, who can get short-tempered with each other... the whole series is a cute love letter to the superhero genre, with each vignette being a joy, even if like myself, you don't recognize half of the characters.


maxk1947 said...

There are also many 12-min. episodes (my cable provider has them on-demand from Cartoon Network) featuring Space Cabby, Lobo, Star Girl, Plastic Man, Firestorm, Booster Gold. and other less-exposed JLA members. They all share a charming blend of humor and adventure, with top-notch voice talent.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Nice, these shorts are really funny, you can tell that the animators grew up with these characters.