Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mars Needs Women Sanity

Wow, there are a couple of 'cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs' stories regarding the Red Planet lately- the first is that the main purveyor of lunatic fringe right wing buffoonery has featured a guest who claims that there is a pedophile ring on Mars, claims the resulted in a response from NASA to the contrary. For the record, the purveyors of this lunacy received White House press credentials from Vulgarmort. I know I've posted the Dead Milkmen song Stuart on numerous occasions, but this 1988 release perfectly encapsulates the lunatic-right worldview:

It's appalling to see how 'normalized' this sort of idiocy has become... far from a small operation based from a P.O. Box in Pueblo, Colorado, this shit is now big business.

The other whacko story is the President stating that he wants to land a human on Mars within his first term, probably using a coal-powered spacecraft. This stated goal doesn't mesh with Trump's general attitude toward science and education.

If Trump does decide to land humans on Mars, I suggest that he starts by sending a corps of right-wing conspiracy theorists to investigate the Martian pedophile ring- these people did such a bang-up job at Comet Ping Pong.

The post-title riffs off of this piece of glorious Sci-Fi cheese, which starred the dear, departed Yvonne Craig:

The movie inspired a gloriously cheesy 1980s song of the same title by Peter Wolf:

The movie also inspired the Hoodoo Gurus' song Mars Needs Guitars, a personal Bastard favorite:

Anyway, I wouldn't mind seeing Trump sending an 'Ark B' to Mars... it's not like anybody needs a telephone sanitizer anymore.


Anonymous said...

My favorite song on this topic is by a really acerbic singer/songwriter named Tonio K:

From the same record, his song The New Dark Ages is quite a good anthem for our times, I think:

Smut Clyde said...

I approve of the Tonio K. linkage. I may have sometimes linked to the "Life in the Food Chain" album.

The Whackyweedia tells me that some gobshite turned "Mars Needs Moms" into a craptacular semi-synthetic movie, because of course he did.