Wednesday, July 26, 2017

An Unconvincing Fundamentalist Turn

The big story in today's news was Trump's tweet about barring transgender folks from serving in the military. Besides trampling on the right to self-expression of people who have chosen to serve their nation, Trump broke another campaign promise, albeit one that few people really believed, to protect the rights of LGBT people. Huh, who could have seen that coming?

The best response to Donald Trump's disgusting betrayal of servicepersons has been Senator Tammy Duckworth's... here is a distinguished veteran who left two limbs in a warzone, speaking about how it's the service which counts, not the gender.

One rationale cited for banning the service of transgender personnel is the cost of gender transition, estimated to be from $2.4 million to $8.4 million annually, which is a fraction of the cost of Trump's stupid cruise missile attack on a Syrian airstrip, which accomplished nothing.

I believe that, unless Mike Pence has stolen Trump's phone, that Vulgarmort is cynically trying to appeal to his fundagelical base, a suspicion that is furthered by an all-caps follow up tweet:


Bud, some of us don't worship either. The real sickening thing about this tweet is that Trump has never worshiped God, he's worshiped himself, and above all, Mammon. Deep down, the fundamentalist evangelical Trump voters know this, but their own leaders have been worshiping Mammon for many a decade now, so they are used to turning a blind eye to this grift.

None of the rest of us are convinced, though.

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Professor Chaos said...

It always amazed me how the fundies were able to somehow convince themselves that Il Douche was one of them. This was a guy who couldn't think of a single Bible verse when asked which verse was his favorite, and referred to the Sacrament of Holy Communion as "eating my little cracker and drinking my little wine" or some such thing. I get why they supported him over HRC, they've spent 20-some years telling themselves that she was the embodiment of all that is evil, but how he managed to get through a Republican primary with actual Bible-thumpers like Cruz and Santorum is beyond me.