Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy Pride Day 2017

Today marked NYC's annual LGBTQ Pride Day parade- here's wishing a happy pride day to all of my readers. Significantly, this year's pride parade was televised for the first time, furthering the goal of LGBTQ visibility. One theme that has been covered in the local news is the importance of trans-acceptance, another is the importance, in the post Pulse nightclub massacre and Trump/Pence election, the need to resist attacks on LGBTQ people, both physical and legislative.

I learned long ago that people who belittle, demean, and assault LGBTQ people are bullies, plain and simple. As a teenager, I witnessed a friend's family disown her when she came out... they destroyed their family, favoring small-minded bigotry over love and loyalty. Two gay friends of mine in high school tried to kill themselves... thankfully, neither one of them succeeded. I value equality, and I value authenticity- nobody should have to live a lie, or to live in hiding. The same regressive, authoritarian forces that want to curtail LGBTQ rights are the same ones who want to roll back women's rights and civil rights for minorities. In a very real sense, the LGBTQ pride movement is on the front lines of the culture wars, and the rest of us in the progressive community need to be thankful of them.


Harry Hamid said...

Televised? That's amazing.

I lived in Omaha for a while during the 1990s, and they had a pride parade there, but it was cordoned off and there was no media allowed. No cameras, technically.

In other words, it was a place where you could be yoursrlf, but only kind of openly.

I am proud to live in a time that has seen such gains in civil rights for people, even if it does feel a bit shaky at times.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, we really need to be vigilant, this is a continuous war.