Friday, June 2, 2017

Detecting a Certain Similarity

I am fortunate in having an interesting local commercial radio station to listen to, one which debuts new music as well as playing a wide array of older tunes rather than the same old sixty or seventy 'classic rock' songs. One of the songs that is getting recent airplay is Blood in the Cut, an anthem to rough-living by an artist by the name of K. Flay. It's a got a chunky rhythm track with a bit of an 'industrial' sound:

Listening to that rhythm track, I am reminded of the song Metal, by Gary Numan:

There are differences, to be sure, especially when the vocals are taken into consideration, but the sound is similar to me. I am not insinuating anything negative about Ms Flay's songwriting, just commenting on a perceived 'relationship' between the two sounds. Gary Numan had a profound impact on industrial music, and Ms Flay is carrying on in this interesting musical... errrrr... vein.

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