Friday, April 17, 2015

Now, THAT's What I Call Fiscal Responsibility!

From the Party of Fiscal Responsibility files, we have a local story about New Jersey's bond rating has been lowered for the 9th time in five years. Oh, yeah, that Chris Christie, the Hudson Harkonnen, really knows how to be a financial steward for his state.

This is the same sort of fiscal responsibility that is reducing Sam Brownback's Kansas to a third-world Thunderdome. Back in the day, I noted that Chris Christie is a reasonable man. Kansas, though, fits the "post-apocalyptic dustbowl hellhole" image better than the Garden State, though:

I'm sure Sam Brownback is a reasonable man...

We'll be hearing more about "fiscal responsibility" in the upcoming presidential election. Remember, though, no matter what any Republican candidate tells you, if elected, they will mess up the finances of any polity they are elected to run.


mikey said...

Verily, the belief in ideology over measurable reality is mind boggling.

If you cut taxes, you reduce revenue. This should not be hard to understand. If you reduce government employment, you reduce overall employment. Yes, those are real jobs. If you refuse to invest in your community, your community declines and falls into ruin.

And yeah, the 1% don't care. They might have a home in your state, but they have another in LA and another in Nice. And a Gulfstream on 24 hour alert to get them out of dodge when the people finally start hanging people from the light standards....

Vixen Strangely said...

Brownback is a zealot many times over, and such men are dangerous--and very, very stupid. I just posted myself about the ridiculous new rules for poor folks in Brownbackistan--he sure does hate the poor, even if someone once did say--the poor are always with you. And--whatever you did to the least of these you did to me. Of course, he, Christie, and Jindal fell for the siren song of "cut taxes first, find holes in the budget later". They are only concupiscent donation-hogs rooting for a golden truffle that with let them into the White House Trough someday. (Sadly, only Veruca Brownback understands why she might as well turn purple before she ever gets that far.)
They genuinely think this is a game they are playing with pawns and fake money.

I wish the cold snap of reality would wedgie them some bright morning before they do more harm.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

If Our Democratic candidate for Pretzeldent won't come out against the TPP, then he or she will not get my vote.

It took more than one party to get us into this crap. It was the Republicans plus the Republican wing of the Democratic party.

The biggest game of "Good Cop, Bad Cop" ever.

Christie belongs in prison. But not more so than Bush and Cheney.

They're not there!