Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Da Cuomo a Cuomo

Today's local political story of note was the shot fired across Governor Andrew Cuomo's bow by primary candidate Zephyr Teachout. Cuomo's recent woes began in earnest when it was revealed that his vaunted anti-corruption was restricted from investigating the governor's office. Cuomo's recent campaigning was strictly bush league, beginning with his attempt to have Dr Teachout removed from the ballot. In a very petty move, he refused to debate Dr Teachout, and the NYC NPR affiliate arranged a debate between Teachout and the Repblican gubernatorial candidate. In a particularly boorish display, Cuomo ignored Dr Teachout at the NYC Labor Day parade. Despite overspending Teachout by an overwhelming margin, she was able to tweak Cuomo's nose by pulling in more than a third of the vote.

Cuomo is no progressive, despite the liberal legacy of his storied father. He's a corporatist and an opportunist through and through. There's a hell of a lot of difference da Cuomo a Cuomo... a reference to one of my favorite Ennio Morricone compositions, from 1967's Death Rides a Horse:

That being said, I'll be holding my nose and voting for the guy come November, Astorino's desire to bring fracking to New York state is simply unacceptable. I'll take the crumb-bum in the governor's mansion over the 'bagger executive of my home county any day.