Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pride Day Post

To all of my LGBT readers, a happy belated Pride Day. I typically put up a Pride Day post to show my support of LGBT rights. I've also long been a supporter of same-sex marriage- a friend of mine got married just over six months ago after thirty years in a committed relationship- he and his husband are reaching the age where they may have to make serious decisions about each others' care, and they now have the legal standing to do so.

To opponents of LGBT rights, since you have to lie about your "opposition", you can be pretty sure you're on the wrong side of the issue. Seriously, before you weigh in on a consensual relationship between two adults, you need to learn what consent means: children and dogs cannot give consent, box turtles can't give consent, police cars and DPW trucks can't give consent. Seriously, your warnings of the dire "slippery slope" consequences of same-sex marriage say a lot more about your paraphilias than they do about the lives and proclivities of LGBT people. Another thing, if you are an anti-LGBT bigot and you want to accuse LGBT people of hypocrisy, don't weasel out when they show themselves to be better people than you (even the Catholic website I linked to called out Bill Donohue). In general, you bigots have long acted like a bunch of freaks, while the innocent victims of bigotry and violence showed real moral fiber. You're losing, mainly because you're hateful and mendacious. It's time you stopped butting into other people's personal lives. Morality doesn't involve what you do with your genitals and consenting adults, and spreading dangerous lies about other people is a lot worse than buttsecks. Also, stop being so damn narcissistic- there's not plot against you, nobody's trying to "convert" you- you evangelicals do that conversion thing, stop projecting!

Happy pride day, and boo to the haters. Now, here's an irreverent bit of snark- be sure to watch to the end, because it has a happy ending:

Say no to hate, people!

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It's the least I could do, John. I can't stand it when bigots inflict real harm on innocent people.