Monday, February 15, 2021

Presidents' Day... Which Presidents?

 Ah, yes, Presidents' Day, that most unusual of holidays- originally a portmanteau holiday combining Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, it's now an ill-defined holiday celebrating all presidents.  Sure, I know most people limit their commemorations to Washington and Lincoln... at least that's what the advertising circulars imply, but aren't Warren G. Harding, Zachary Taylor, and William McKinley also in that august company?  Even James K. Polk has his adherents...  not to mention the recently ejected Occupant of the White House, who some people believe will be return as the 19th President of the United States on March 4th.  Do we really need to lump all of these guys together under the umbrella of 'Presidents' Day'?

That's not even getting into the oddity of having two long holiday weekends during the bitterest weeks of winter.  Unless you are really into furniture sales, Presidents' Day is probably just a day to not change out of one's pajamas, maybe eat an elaborate breakfast that would be impractical to cook on a workday.  Maybe the holiday is a conspiracy by Big Ski to sell equipment and resort package deals.  The only people I know who really made a deal out of Presidents' Day were my great and good friend J-Co and his family.  They would hold a picnic in a local park, no matter what the weather, and make snowballs so they could have a snowball fight on the Fourth of July... I am not making this up, I have actually attended this event.

Looking at the presidential birthday calendar, it would make just as much sense to celebrate Presidents' Day in August or October, months during which people aren't inclined to merely hunker down in their homes nursing mugs of cocoa.  Sure, I know Washington and Lincoln are sentimental favorites, but wouldn't you rather have a day off when you don't need to worry about your car skidding off the road due to an icy patch?

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

"Even James K. Polk has his adherents..."

He can't be as bad as every single one of them since (and including) Ronald Reagan. Opportunity and information-adjusted, of course.

Nothing by cynical Wall Street seelouts, and now we have 4 years of the closest thing to Trump the Dempublicans could possibly dig up.

So...on-brand of them.