Saturday, December 19, 2020

Cuckoo Coup

 In a year of disquieting news, here's another disquieting item, just in time for Christmas... Trump had a meeting with 'Kraken' crackpot Sidney Powell, who he wants to retain as a counsel for his 'election fraud' cases.  Things took a particularly worrisome turn as Trump inquired about deploying the military in a bid to stay in offic ploy suggested by disgraced former general Michael Flynn:

Thankfully, our military personnel take an oath to serve the Constitution, not to serve a president. The odds of having the Marines serve as his personal Praetorian Guard are slim-to-none. The real problem is that Trump has always gotten high off his own supply, and his ego is being fed by Powell and Flynn, who occupy a strange, liminal role between the grifter and the True Believer.

Meanwhile, the fever swamps are abuzz with sedition, with calls for Trump to cross the Rubicon, notably from 8chan/8kun administrator, probably 'Q' contributor, and total creep Ron Watkins, who Trump has retweeted.  Notably, Watkins resides in Japan, so he's basically the kid yelling from across the street for two other kids to beat each other up.  The rank-and-file seem to have caught the rally cry, and have responded as they always do, by making ridiculous 'memes' and posting them:

The real tell here is that, by crossing the Rubicon with a legion, Caesar was considered to have treasonously declared war on Rome. This forever put an end to the Roman Republic- do the MAGA morons really want Trump to declare himself dictator?  Caesar is said to have uttered 'the die is cast' as he crossed the river... and we all know that Trump failed at running casinos. More cogently, we all know how Caesar ended up, even right-wingers know that. If Trump does decide to cross the Rubicon, casting that losing die, who will be the senator to stab him? Will his last words be Et tu, Marco?

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Richard said...

Goodbye Hannukah until next year. I can't even tell you how nice it was to have a safe place.
We are probably going to have a Blue Christmas but that is ok. We are not christians anyway so no big deal.