Friday, September 25, 2020

On the Road Again

 It's just about time for me to hit the road after a productive week at Mom's house in Virginia.  I'm mainly packed, I'm just waiting to drop some ballast before setting off.  I didn't write a post travel report on Monday night, but the one thing to relate is that restaurant bathrooms are off limits and rest stops are closed.  I could have used a 'pit stop' in Pennsylvania but ended up, hours later, pulling off the highway and peeing on the side of a stretch of road where concrete barriers hid my dastardly deed from the eyes of innocent motorists.

My goal is to start off slightly dehydrated and sip from my 100 oz Camelback as needed.  I've done numerous long distance bike rides (the rule for those is to hydrate until your pee is clear, then sip water, with the expectation that you will sweat a lot, which won't happenin the car), and have a cast-iron bladder and a high tolerance for discomfort- I only want to stop to gas up.

The pandemic has made road trips almost unbearable, like much else.

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