Friday, June 23, 2017

So Proud of My Country

I've only kept a nominal watch on the news this week, so it was with some dismay that I saw the footage of the Capitol Police, so soon after they covered themselves in glory for stopping a mass shooter, ejecting disabled protestors from Mitch McConnell's office. I figure that, if you are evil enough to slash medical benefits for poor people, you are evil enough to manhandled disabled persons.

On a personal level, I am truly pissed off at some of the responses to this event from Trump supporters. Tengrain linked to NBC's Twitter coverage of this story and one asshole claimed that the protestors were pawns, and when called on it, claimed that they used their disabilities for 'the optics', as if they weren't confronted by their challenges daily. Christ wept, these people are disabled, but they are intelligent people with agency and dignity.

It's not surprising that a Trump supporter would have such a retrograde, bigoted attitude toward disabled people... he's just following the horrible example set by his Creep-in-Chief, who thought nothing of mocking Serge F. Kovaleski:

While Mr Kovaleski has a disability, he's a hell of a lot smarter than Vulgarmort, and would make a better president. At the very least, he wouldn't be slashing the very medical benefits who allow people with disabilities to work and to study and, yes, to protest.

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mikey said...

Once again, I HAVE to ask:

Why on earth would you read anything a "Trump Supporter" had to say? What part of Trump Supporter indicates they will have something valuable to contribute to the discussion? To support Trump at this point requires someone to be ignorant, dishonest AND hateful, all at once. Just do your best to avoid listening to them.

I know, I know, I tend to advocate listening to points of view and commentary on policy from sources that don't all merely tell me things I already believe. And I DO believe that, and I do it regularly. But I insist that they at least work within a framework of facts and deal honestly with the questions - and that applies to people on both the right and the left.

But Trump has proven himself to be ignorant, incoherent, disinterested, dishonest and corrupt. Anybody who supports him can be considered similar to a Russian that supports Putin or an Arab who supports the Saudi royal family...