Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weak, Willard, Weak

I didn't bother following the 'Super Tuesday' coverage on Tuesday night... I was too busy drinking beer at a local bar's trivia night. I finally got around to watching the post-mortem last night during a quiet spell on the job. It looks like Trumpzilla is still stomping the opposition, which seems to have riled up the establishment to no end. The 'not Trump' movement is a bit of a joke, though, as even a Beltway lesser luminary can tell you, the opposition just isn't scoring any points against Vulgarmort.

In a desperate move, a 'Hail Moroni' pass, if you will, the Republicans trotted out Mitt Romney to lambaste Trump, even though Romney effusively praised the guy four years ago. Oddly enough, in his speech, Willard doesn't commit to a single Trump opponent, thus keeping the opposition divided, which has been a major factor is Trump's primary successes. He also levies a lot of criticisms at Trump that would be equally valid if leveled at himself, not to mention a side-splittingly funny crack about the Clintons being crony capitalists.

Romney's attack on Trump isn't going to work, as Trump himself noted, with some implied sexual innuendo on the side:

Trump gleefully noted that Romney was a loser, his entire political career post Massachusetts has been one YUUUUUUGE downward spiral. To add to the sting, Trump noted that, to guys like himself and Sheldon Adelson, Romney was 'the help'... he probably had to enter through the side door, and walk through the kitchen. Romney's an ass, and a plutocrat, but he's not as rich as Trump, and he's a chump, a pious boob and a priss... to use a cringe-inducing MRA term, Romney is a beta, compared to Trump's aggressive alpha, something only helps Donald with the trumplodytes. Romney will never be president, he'll never be a billionaire, and he'll never have a hot trophy wife young enough to be his daughter... therefore, he will never drink Trump's milkshake.


Unknown said...

Is Trump going to be able to use this sort of thing in the general to prove he's an independent? It seems like having Mitt Romney read off a bunch of criticisms that were leveled against him and try and apply them to Trump is really just falling into Trump's trap.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You missed the dick joke debate. And the booger-eating.