Friday, March 7, 2014

Broke the Quarter Million Mark

Sometime today, I had my 250,000th hit. Thanks to all of my readers for giving me a serious ego boost. I don't track my traffic all that often, but last month something totally weird happened- I had never cracked the 10,000 hits a month threshold before, I typically got six to nine thousand hits a month, but last month I got a whopping 20,957 hits.

For the bulk of my blogging career, my number one post was, by far, my most popular post was my affectionate, though irreverent tribute to the late Frank Frazetta. This post was also my key to becoming the internet's number one unapologetic ass man. That post is now a distant fifth place, with 3266 hits.

Oddly enough, my most popular post, by a long shot, is my post about eating a fruit of unknown origin (obligatory shout-out to zrm and Smut. I don't know how or why this particular post became so popular, and there are no spambot comments (I turned off captcha to encourage random wags to post comments and I haven't seen spam for months, maybe the automatic filters are that good).

As far as readership goes, the vast majority of my hits, almost half, are from the 'States, numbering 121551 pageviews.
Surprisingly, second place goes to France, with 11128 hits. Russia clocks in at 11128, the UK with 10544, Germany at 9278, Canada at 6600 (my blogroll conforms to Canadian Content laws). Rounding out the top ten are Poland (6428), New Zealand (*hi AK and Smut!* 5081), Ukraine (4358), and China (3189). Thank you international readers!

As far as traffic sources, the overwhelming amount of traffic comes straight from the 'Goog', with Thunder being my second highest source (at 5143 hits) and Crooks and Liars being third (at 2180 hits- thanks to Tengrain's turns at the blog roundups). Again, thanks for the linkage, people!

Dear readers, I couldn't have done any of this without your support and encouragement over the years. Thank you for navigating over here. As always, I love your comments, and I am amazed by the sense of community that characterizes the "bloggerhood". Now, could somebody tell me what was so compelling about that giant crunchberry tree?


Smut Clyde said...

And the Goofle search terms? Apparently Riddled is currently a leading source of information for people's searches for "Penile cancer" and "World's biggest abscess". I hope those people are getting a second opinion from somewhere equally authoritative.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I remember when BBBB was just regular people...


John Gray said...

One of the uk readers signing in!

John Gray said...

One of the uk readers signing in!

L. H. Puttgrass said...

This is one of the Kiwi readers signing off and heading for the tub!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The search terms are mainly variants on "big", "bad", "bald", and "bastard". I have a couple of variations on "Frazetta women". Oddly enough, "blames you for computer not working" is number eight, with 54 hits. "Hairy-chested yeti crabs" is six, with 65 hits.

I remember when BBBB was just regular people...

I couldn't have gotten where I am without your unfailing support, old chum!

One of the uk readers signing in!

Thanks for the support, John!

This is one of the Kiwi readers signing off and heading for the tub!

"Bloom County" casts a long shadow!

Anonymous said...

And one South African.