Friday, December 13, 2013

Post Travel Cruddiness

After taking long plane rides I feel pretty crappy sometimes. This week, I have had some nasal congestion sneak up on me, and my throat has gotten pretty sore. Looking back through the archives, I see I haven't put up a neti pot post in a while.

Today, before heading off to work, I must have irrigated my sinuses five or six times with my handy dandy neti pot. After the first nasal irrigation, the gunk coming out of my nose looked positively lovecraftian.

Luckily, I am working alone tonight (with the exception of Fred and Ginger, so I brought the neti pot to work. When I get home, I'll probably mix myself a Manhattan before bundling up and turning in for the night.

Tomorrow, we had a nice low-key fundraiser set to take place, but it has been cancelled due to a winter storm warning. I can't say I'm upset- I would probably have pulled a switcheroo with my co-worker **REDACTED** if the event were still taking place. As it is, I'm scheduled to work an overnight, so it's almost fortuitous that I will be able to avoid traveling the roads in the teeth of the storm. Even better, I'll be able to pour torrents of water up my nose in privacy... it's not the sort of thing you want to do in front of anyone else.


OBS said...

I think Rule 34 actually contradicts that last sentence.

Our snow finally melted today after lingering for a week. Good riddance.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I was watching the weather for the D.C.-Maryland-Eastern W.V. area yesterday.

They said, "A snow event in the mountains, only."

Here in the mountains, there was over 5 inches this morning, and it's still falling. Pics to come!

Jim H. said...

I had to look up 'neti pot'. Ewwwwww...

There's a yoga thing where yoga-ers run a silk cloth through their nasal passages and out their mouth and rub it back and forth.

I thought neti pots were pretty much what Cheney ordered to be conducted on AQ detainees.

mikey said...

I was gonna do something something waterboarding, but that's all blown to hell now.

And I'm puny from a little 24 hour SFO/LAX jaunt.

Although, to be fair, that might be at least partially due to the madness and debauchery in Beverley Hills.

If'n you've never partied with a bunch of Indian people, you've pretty much never partied....

Smut Clyde said...

There's a yoga thing where yoga-ers run a silk cloth through their nasal passages and out their mouth and rub it back and forth.

Nostril flossing.
IIRC yoga also encourages cultivating a rectal prolapse, allowing one to rinse the lower colon in the holy water of the Ganges before telescoping it back into one's body. An awful lot of gobsmacking weirdness was lost when various grifters bastardised yogic practice and packaged it for well-off westerners as a kind of refined relaxation.