Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Little Number for Those Who Overdid It

Having spent the transition from 2010-2011 as sober as a Mormon, I have to say that I both envy and pity those who overindulged in intoxicants as they ushered in the new year. In honor of those who ingested "recreational" substances, here is a ditty by The Drongos, a great pop band originally from the not-so-drouthy-antipodes, who descended upon New York City in the late seventies, and made a name for themselves by busking heroically. The song Substance Abuser is a tongue-in-cheek number from the perspective of a man who falls in love with a woman with a problem, but "falls out in time". I first heard the song on the local college radio station as a pup. **WARNING-VIDEO FEATURES 80'S HAIR**:

Watching that video, I have to say that female vocalist/guitarist Jean McAllister had a head of hair that would have made Rapunzel jealous. The song, featured on the album Small Miracles, was recorded on the streets of Manhattan. The band also recorded an eponymous studio album, both records were released on the micro-indie label Proteus Records. The band broke up, with members Tony McMaster and Jean McAllister returning to the antipodes (I wonder if they ever play The Old Entomologist). Drummer Stanley John Mitchell currently lives in Brooklyn (if he ever Googles himself and ends up finding this post, I'd be happy to treat him to a D.U.B. pie). Guitarist Richard Kennedy has relocated to England. Unfortunately, the gloriously catchy songs of The Drongos are extremely difficult to find on the web. I did find the number Metronome in the archives of radio station KSCU. As an added bonus, the linked archive also features the original version of If We Never Meet Again by Reckless Sleepers and a slew of other criminally unknown musical gems.

I'm going to close this post to say that, should you find either Small Miracles or The Drongos, do not hesitate to buy either album, both are masterpieces of fine pop tunesmithing.


Smut Clyde said...

by Reckless Sleepers

First Magritte reference of 2011.

BDR said...

Haven't heard that song in 25 years. Thanks!

Saw them open for somebody at 930 in DC in early 80s. Was? Fun.

Johnny Pez said...

Happy New Year, B4!

Von said...

Happy happy happy new year B4!!!
Alas, I was also sober ringing in the new year.
I'm ok with that.....

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

WTH is this? Hey check out this band - they have gloriously addictive songs! Incidentally they broke up a quarter century ago and their music is harder to find than a wingnut's sense of shame.

Sure it's a great song, that's what makes it so cruel.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Sure it's a great song, that's what makes it so cruel.

Every once in a while, I have to live up to the "Bastard" moniker.