Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Depressing Thought

Given the very real possibility that the BP Oil Gusher (I am considering it a proper noun, hence the capitalization) in the Gulf of Mexico will result in petroleum entering the Gulf Stream, and being carried to the North Atlantic. This may be the last "beach season" in these parts for a long, long time.

This place may be less of a plum destination pretty soon:

Addendum: My family has good friends in the heart of Cajun country, good friends who have enjoyed our hospitality, and whose hospitality we have enjoyed. The thought that they won't be able to whip up a gumbo for fifty guests out of the bounty of the Gulf on the spur of the moment has gotten me in a blue funk.

Hell, I'm even depressed about the future of the country's rice crop... I may have to compulsively hoard a couple of twenty pound bags of the stuff.


Hamish Mack said...

Yeah it's a goddam mess in so many ways. Is ti any wonder when Gaia turns on us occasionally.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I'm with you, BBBB. I start to think it is unlikely for us to even survive until the results of global warming kill us off.

The only consolation is that we may be able to spit-roast the Wasilla Grifta before then. Drill baby drill, indeed.

God, what assholes these Corpo-Republicans are. They seem to think gated communities will immunize them from all the disasters they create.