Friday, February 12, 2010

What a Slacker!

Last post was Monday... holy schmoley, this guy's a lazy bum.

Well, Tuesday was devoted to having the car inspected, detected, and perfected, then getting my ass to Brooklyn (to be addressed in the next post). Wednesday was spent recovering from Tuesday night's beer indulgence and filling in an embarrassing lacuna in my geek cred by reading two-thirds of the way through Haldeman's The Forever War during a blizzard which dumped a foot of snow on the City of Y______. Thursday was "dig yourself out and attend to housekeeping (I'm looking at you big-ass pile of laundry)" day. Whew, I still could have found some time to write... chalk it up to lazy bumitude.

On my way to work this afternoon, I stopped at a Chinese restaurant for a quick, cheap lunch, and was inspired by the hilariously ungrammatical instructions on the chopsticks wrapper (there was a brief period of time when the grammar on the label was improved, but I'd like to think that public demand brought the "traditional and typical of Chinese glorious history and cultual (sic)" phrase back to the wrapper).

So, inspired by my chopsticks wrapper:

Welcome to teabagger convention. Please try your populism with racism, the traditional and typical of glorious conservative history and cultural.