Thursday, January 7, 2010

City of "Why?"

Wow, I put up a lovey-dovey post on the City of Yonkers, and what the hell happens the following day?

Yeah, you got it- a scandal on the front page:

Three Indicted in Yonkers Vote-Selling Scam.

Yonkers was once known as the "City of Gracious Living". Now, Yonkers is known as "The City of Hills, Where Nothing is on the Level" due to it's topography, and reputation for corruption. As a snarky aside, Yonkers was once immortalized in the musical Hello Dolly, more recently, it's been rendered undead in World War Z.

Not being a starry-eyed naif, I have to confess that this scandal does not come as a surprise, but I am disappointed in the role played by hometown girl Sandy Annabi, who I was a fan of, for several reasons (on a serious note, she started out as a good progressive and a tireless advocate for her constituents). Well, the prosecutors claimed she sold her vote on the proposed Ridge Hill development "for baubles and trinkets". Well, all that eyeliner doesn't come cheap.

Sandy, you broke my heart.

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