Friday, October 16, 2020

The Metric Which Counts... to a Narcissist

To a TV President, nothing matters more than ratings, so the post-mortem for last night's dueling town halls must have sent him into an apoplexy:

Yeah, Trump is a big loser in the ratings.  That is gratifying to see... it looks like people are bored with Trump's tired, repetitive schtick, and wanted to see some sensible policy talk.  Why listen to a buffoon harp on the same old tired topics, slinging the same old lies, when you can listen to actual science-based environmentalism and the growth of green jobs?


In a hilarious own goal, a Trump campaign staffer tried to insult Biden by comparing him to a beloved children's television show host:

Yeah, I watched Mr Rogers as a wee one, and I'll take the kindly, empathetic Fred Rogers (a more genuine Christian than any religious-right fanatic) over Fred Trump's predator son.  "Won't you be my neighbor?" is a better TV catchphrase than "You're Fired!"

I make no bones about supporting Elizabeth Warren in the primaries, but I'll take a kindly, empathetic Joe Biden any day.  Maybe we need a nice uncle in the White House to soothe the widespread nationwide hurts... as long as he has a tough VP and even tougher AG to clean the neighborhood out after four years of a criminal conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Actually if there is anybody in the GOP who would be inclined to express admiration of Mr. Rogers I would find that perplexing, sort of like the perceived difference between chimpanzees and bonobos. But yeah, Mercedes is apparently not good at the game of snark.

I expect Joe Biden is the uncle Mary Trump wished she had.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, they don't value the sort of decent Christian values he espoused.

Ed said...

Due to it's violent, larcenous nature. I would hope that Mr. Rogers would be anti-government.