Tuesday, May 19, 2020

On the Menu, Rice-a-'Rona

I don't know if this was a loyalty test or if Trump truly hates the Republicans in Congress, but in the age of COVID-19, a buffet lunch doesn't seem like the smartest way to meet. Even the optics are bad, with this luncheon taking place right after Japanese broadcaster NHK released this video:

Here's where I confess that, a couple of times a month, I would go to one of the local Indian restaurants (on a rotating basis, so as not to overwhelm one place) for their lunch buffet. It was a good way to sample a variety of different dishes, without committing to one, and to eat one belly-buster of a meal for the whole day (leaving behind a weeping proprietor). Sure, I'd stuff myself like a cafone, but I'd always leave a hefty tip for the hefty lunch. I don't know if these restaurants will ever go back to this particular model of luncheon service, but takeout tiffin lunches are still a thing, though having to choose between chicken vindaloo or saag paneer will be difficult.

Right now, though, the idea that a man who's valet tested positive for COVID-19 exposure held a buffet for his colleagues has a sinister feeling to it... it's a 'Bond Villain' maneuver, seemingly meant to weed out the disloyal. Behind closed doors, did he reveal to them that they've all been exposed, and he can sell them hydroxychloroquine tablets for one million a pop?


Anathema Device said...

Ooh, now seeing the fallout from this will be fun. Who didn't go? Who went but wore a mask? Who went and got sick?

Who went and ended up dead?

What's that expression the sportsball people use? Rooting for injuries. Yeah.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Every once in a while, I am kinda appalled at myself for just not giving a damn.