Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tax Day Post Rant

I know that tax returns are actually due on the 18th, but April 15th being the traditional tax day, I typically post about taxes, and my attitude toward them, this time of year. Ordinarily, I would post about how I don't mind paying my taxes, as I see them as the dues I pay to live in a club I call 'civil society'. This year, though, my attitude is different... somehow, something's changed. While I didn't attend any of the tax day protests (I decided to save my time off for next week's March for Science), I am pissed that the head kleptocrat hasn't released his tax returns.

Even more infuriating is the fact that he and his corrupt maladministration are hoovering up taxpayer dollars with their conflicts of interest. Even when the fucker in the White House is goofing off, he's dipping into the till. Ordinarily, I don't mind paying my taxes, but nothing is ordinary anymore.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

David, I didn't know she was married when she came on to me at the bar that night. I eventually figured out something was going on when we always entered the building through the laundry room, rather than the front door, but, being a trustworthy guy, I tend to trust people. When she finally told me that she was married, I told her that I wouldn't have gone out with her if I had known that. She replied, "I figured that, that's why I didn't tell you." I ended it then, David, being the sort of person who takes marriage seriously (that's why I'm single).

I'm sorry...