Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gays Ruined Her Marriages!

M. Bouffant is on the case, posting about the checkered marital history. Being a typical "born again" Christian, she would claim that she isn't the same person she was when she went through a spousal revolving door, but that sort of bullshit is the biggest cop-out in the world. Sorry, you may be "washed in the blood of the Lamb", but all of your less-than-savory deeds are part of your history, you don't get to wipe the slate clean.

Meanwhile, this crazy craw-thumper would have denied my friend a marriage license, even though he's been with the same guy for thirty-seven years.

The one benefit to the hypocrisy of the Christian Right is that, with their mean-spiritedness and their utter lack of decency, they have lost the war on LGBTQ people. They are fighting a, pardon the expression, rearguard action, and as their influence wanes, they become smaller and meaner. Soon, even their small-town tyranny will be a thing of the past- thank you Kim Davis, for being a total shitbag.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media coverage of this sordid little kerfuffle has been downright crappy- for the most part, they have been eliding the right-wing theocratic connections of crazy Kim's lawyer. Is there any "conservative" who isn't given a pass by the so-called liberal media?


Vixen Strangely said...

It never fails, that whenever a District Court put down a state marriage equality ban, that some of the first people in line were same-sex couples who had been married longer than I've been alive. I haven't been doing anything, including breathing, as long as these people have loved one another, and damn if anybody has the right to tell people like that about the validity and morality of their heartfelt commitment. This woman has the idea in her head that her fanfic version of God knows better than these people's lived experiences--and no. These people know what they need and have a right to better than this prissy bornagain bigot's pretend "freedom". Freedom is not the right to steal another person's rights from them.

And the screwed up thing is, our MSM has SOB's like Tony Perkins on the tv on the regular, like that wasn't the basic equivalent of hosting a Klan wizard. GOP people just cozy up to hate group leaders like it was no big. There's no big jump from Bryan Fischer to Scott Lively and his push for the deaths of gay people in Uganda and elsewhere. Most of the GOP primary contestants at present have sat with Jan Mikkelson, an Iowa radio host who really endorsed the boxcar and workcamp life for undocumented workers. Not a peep from the MSM about how seemly that is. Also, they genuflect before the Family Leader assholes in Iowa come Ames poll time or whatever other signifying primary group-grope comes around.

Culturally, the US is still letting the kind of dehumanizing, right-denying hate that leads to calling LGBT people "less-than" front like their position is good enough, even if so much of it is centered in disgraceful lies like tying queerness to pedophilia, making up a culture of "recruitment" that doesn't even exist, and denying the experiences of queer folks who genuinely understand we have always been this way. SO why would faux libertarian Rand Paul, preacher's kid Ted Cruz, and perennial Talibornagain Mike Huckabee glom on to what the by-her-own-counsel-misguided Kim Davis is trying to say--

Her queer-hating God is more valid and more right and more American, than anyone else's gay-friendly God. And for the time being, she's getting the kind of attention that lets her believe it. Because even if in these here United States we have freedom of religion--hers is by-God louder.

She needs to step down in a fast hurry. I don't think her inability to do a goodly part of her job is, regardless of how her district feels, disqualifying. Maybe she's surrounded by supporters. Well I say--screw them too. Gay people are people. End of story. They are covered under the same laws--end of story. As Hillary Clinton formulated--Gay Rights are Human Rights. And seeing it any other way isn't religion. It's hate.

Chickpea said...

Ditto everything Vixen said, and to bring it down to a personal level, in the morality stakes my gay son would beat that lying, cheating, serial bride any day.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You don't understand. White bigot Jesus has blessed her sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy.

mikey said...

Meh. I don't care if she's been married eighteen times, shacked up another nine and serviced the glory hole at the bowling alley. Her hypocrisy is NOT the problem - the problem is strictly legal. And we have a surprisingly functional and resilient system for dealing with public servants who refuse to serve the public.

She's in contempt. She's in the can eating dry tuna sandwiches for dinner. Her minions are racing to surrender (except her son, and he's stuck). The system is working, and it will leave her crushed to rubble if she tries to resist.

The whole thing is a big nothingburger. Yeah, a few delusional true believers will stand up and resist, and they'll get pounded down because that's what the system is good at doing. A few politicians, pundits and hustlers will 'support' her courageous stand - just not to the extent they get any of that stuff ON them. She'll lose because she has no power to try to inflict her silly beliefs on her fellow citizens, and again, that is as it should be.

Make some popcorn and watch the show if you want, but don't turn it into something it's not. It's just another nutcase in the process of getting crushed by an effective, essentially secular system of laws...