Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whine All You Want, the Guy is Right

The latest post-tempest tempest in a teapot was set off by Bill Nye, who had the temerity to connect the recent Texas flooding to climate change. As is usual these days, the "controversy" was initiated by a "tweet": Billion$$ in damage in Texas & Oklahoma. Still no weather-caster may utter the phrase Climate Change.

Put in layperson's terms, warming fosters evaporation, and allows the atmosphere to retain more water vapor (also a greenhouse effect contributor), leading to increased precipitation. Even the typical conservative "durr hurr, why did the Northeast get so much snow if the planet is warming?" bit is foolish- climate change can intensify snowstorms... it still gets below freezing, and more atmospheric water vapor can mean more snow.

Besides the ad hominem attacks on Nye, the general consensus among the twits was that Nye is an "alarmist". Hell, people have died, the flooding continues- is that not an alarm? Too bad the dupes of the Fossil Fuel Industry and its PR flacks refuse to wake up. As the redoubtable Smut Clyde once noted, the rubes will use the last can of petrol to burn the last climate scientist at the stake. I hope that our coleopterous successors are better stewards of the planet.

As a postscript, let's check out what the loons who have tossed Occam's Razor out the window have to say about the Texas floods: yep, Obama's using HAARP to attack Texas... that perfidious Kenyan is using his weather smurfing machine to soften Texas up before the Jade Helm jackboots trample Texas freedom. Yeah, that antenna array up in Alaska has a greater capacity to change climate than the fucktons of pollutants we're constantly emitting, now that's scientificismication.

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Smut Clyde said...

Isn't it God's smitey punishment for the gays and the fluoride?