Monday, March 18, 2013

When All You Have Are Hacks...

Pity poor dumbass Reince Priebus, the guy tasked with performing the post mortem on the Republican Party. The guy is talking about minority outreach scant days after white supremacists hijacked a conversation about minority outreach at GOP Woodstock. They talk about putting together an “RNC Celebrity Task Force of personalities in the entertainment industry” scant months after a personality in the entertainment industry hijacked the Republican National Convention, stepping all over the candidate's dick. He also proposed a shorter primary season, which would effectively keep the freaks from the public view by effectively banishing them to Ubecky becky becky becky stan stan.

My favorite part of this "post mortem" is Priebus' proclamation that technology will help to save the GOP, again scant months after Mitt Romney's computerized "get out the vote" application crashed on the day it was meant to kick into overdrive:

"So if it gets to technology and all of the work that we need to do there and opening our technology efforts up to an open source, setting up an office in the Silicon Valley, doing hackathons across the country. This is going to be huge, Bob. And we're ready to go and we're ready to lead."

Yes, Reince, hackathons are the solution to your problems... after all, the one thing the GOP does not lack is a bunch of hacks.


mikey said...

One of the reasons FOSS/Open Source development has a marginal reputation, notwithstanding The Cathedral & The Bazaar is that assclowns like this unpronounceable alien creature use the term without knowing what it means OR what it does. Hell, babe, just open-source it, right? Idiot.

To think there is some way to re-package the messaging in front of a policy agenda so divisive, so toxic, so brutal and destructive such that the very people it seeks to destroy, imprison, deport and KILL would choose it in a political contest is so delusional, so utterly intellectually bereft that it's really very hard to express.

Also, too, once again the large hairless bastard has beaten me to the punch - I am a mere two paragraphs into my piece on this topic, distracted as I am by global baseball and rum, and do not expect to hit the big orange "Publish" button anytime tonight.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

as far as celebrities go, sounds like they can count Michelle Shocked now, also.

I am disappointed in her, actually.

Another Kiwi said...

I was wondering who they could press gang into it. Once you get past Kelsey Grammer and Drew Carey it's pretty slim pickens ain't it (he's actually dead too).

Substance McGravitas said...

doing hackathons

They've gotten pretty good at assembling lists of voters to purge.