Sunday, May 29, 2011


The past couple of days have been a blur- I was out of the house yesterday by 8 AM, and headed up to work a major fundraising event. I finally left work at 6 PM, and drove a co-worker and co-resident of Yonkers home before returning to my little homestead by 7 PM. After a quick creamed nettles and scrambled egg sandwich, I took a brief nap, then got up, showered up, powered up, and hit the road. I got to the Saturday night party under the tent by 11:30, and was touched by the fact that people were anticipating my arrival. The roommate who I'd picked up at JFK drove up on Friday with another roommate of ours, so I had a good "advance man". Man, everybody's so great, it was really heartwarming- everybody looked great too, especially ***REDACTED*** and ***REDACTED*** who hadn't changed a bit since graduation. I was surprised that ***REDACTED*** and ***REDACTED*** remembered a particular ***FUTURE BLOG POST*** that I used to do, and were amused that I was still performing this schtick in public. ***REDACTED***, the woman who worked the front desk in our dining hall looked fabulous, she hadn't changed a bit, and she greeted us all with genuine affection and hearty hugs. After a couple of hours of swapping tales over a few drinks, it was time to turn in.

Made it to breakfast by 9 after a brief walkabout. Met up with some folks who, due to children or travel fatigue, hadn't made it to 11:30 the night before. Breakfast was followed by a brief tour of the campus with good friends. I hit the road with the roommate I'd picked up on Thursday by noon, and dropped him off in the City of Y_______ before hot-footing it up to work the tail end of the event (a co-worker of mine and I alternate between the "event logistics" job and the "chucking out" job). I get off by 8 and hope to have a beer with my old roommate before passing out. Tomorrow, I have to be at work by 10 AM, so my roommate is planning on visiting Manhattan and taking a cab to JFK. I wouldn't be home from work in time to do airport duty.

So, the basic report is as follows. The campus looks good, the city looks a lot better than it did when I was there. The students working as event staff were adorable, they were a really great bunch of younguns, and not one of them trampled on my lawn, by gum. The only damper on the stellar, though hectic, weekend was the fact that a particular individual was not able to make it back East so I could shake his hand and have a beer with him. He knows who he is, so I won't divulge his secret identity.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I used to be one of those students working the reunions (and other events over the summer).

What a blast!

Larkspur said...

Adorable? Adorable? Oh darlin', look it up in the dictionary, 'cause it's illustrated with pix of you.

Also - what a sweet adorable remark you left over at the Smorgasbord on the occasion of lil Dudeskull's arrival. (For the record...OWW!) I am feeling eccentric and yet oddly tender right now. Don't worry, I'll sleep it off. Before the rush fades, though, I should remind you that you are a good writer.

Hamish Mack said...

He is that, n'all

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

What a blast!

I did it a couple of years as well, but my favorite college job was working in the museum. Kinda trippy working in a storeroom with mummified hands in it!

Thanks for the kind words, Larkspur and AK!

Vonnie said...

Sounds lovely!