Friday, July 2, 2021

A Brand-New Social Media Sewer

 One of the tenets of Right-Wing grievance culture is a nonsensical claim that Conservatives are routinely silenced on social media platforms.  While high-profile righties like Vulgarmort have been ejected from Twitter and Facebook, it is because they routinely violated the Terms of Service... it's not censorship, the users merely broke the deal.

In the face of such purported deplatforming, a Con-friendly social media platform to rival Twitter in particular is the holy grail of the right-wing tech bro.  We've seen Gab, which probably only has about one-hundred thousand active users, and Parler, which has been on-and-offline... both platforms are hotbeds of racism, antisemitism, and general whackaloonery.  Now, there's a new right-wing Twitter 'alternative', GETTR, run by super creepy former Trump adviser, deadbeat dad, and failed freelance abortionist Jason Miller, using funds from Guo Wengui, fugitive billionaire and Steve Bannon associate. Predictably, GETTR has been a gutter from the get-go:

Ah, yes, who did not see that coming?  Apparently, even the most die-hard Trump supporters, the QAnon set, are upset at the amount of lewd and scatalogical material on the site.  Even the grifters in that cohort are upset at the way the site's being used by amateurs:

It's getting so that a guy can't even make an honest buck selling bleach to rubes as a panacea without Anime Nazis eating up all the bandwidth!

The biggest trolls on the internet all seem to have flocked to the new platform:

That being said, there are a select few who turn out to be too toxic even for the cesspool.

It's not clear if Trump himself will join the site, though Trump doppelg√§ngers have already made an appearance.  It's even less clear how long the site will last, because it is a buggy security risk.  As the Good Professor said, the Shadow can only mock, it cannot make.  I don't think it gave life to GETTR, it only ruined and twisted Twitter.


Al said...

I don’t use social media. I don’t own a TeeVee. I don’t own a car. All of those things represent slavery, psychos and the meaninglessness of modern American life.

emjayay said...

And yet here you are, Al, reading and commenting on an internet blog. And I guess missing all the investigative and other kinds of docs and science and history shows on PBS for free. Your loss, I guess.