Friday, May 14, 2021

Tinker Tailor Soldier Dumbass

I am on the record as a fan of spy thrillers, anything by Fredrick Forsyth, Trevanian, or John le Carré is catnip for me.  I particularly love those works which feature a cat-and-mouse (or rather, mole) game between brilliant antagonists.  Give me Beryl Reid remembering the thrill of matching wits with a deadly enemy any day, and I'm happy.

Via Tengrain, we have the story of Project Veritas, in conjunction with Erik Prince, enlisting the services of a former British intelligence agent to attempt to entrap insufficiently loyal members of Trump's government.  This spy-type-guy, one Richard Seddon, ran a training camp at a Wyoming ranch and a Georgetown home for PV operatives.  This has been known for a while, but the details have only emerged recently, with news of a mission to use a honeypot to record Trump national security advisor H.R. McMaster disparaging the Former Guy.  Other plots involved the use of honeypots to wheedle information out of FBI agents and other 'Deep State' operatives.

James O'Keefe, the head of Project Veritas, is known for his 'Scooby Doo' villain antics, which led to his one major 'victory', the destruction of antipoverty and social justice organization ACORN... with, of course, the complicity of a media more interested in reporting the freak show than getting to the bottom of the false narrative.  At any rate, O'Keefe, whose own sex boat scheme was to have been a reverse honeypot, alienated Seddon with his low-set sights, or in his words "O'Keefe's desire to produce quick media content rather than to run long-term infiltration operations."

This is what you get when your intelligence operation is run by the stupid.  While Seddon wanted some real cloak-and-dagger stuff, O'Keefe just wanted to produce boob bait to keep the rubes' money flowing in.  





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