Thursday, April 2, 2020

Attacking the Responders

Perhaps the surest sign of the rot infecting our society is the fact that threats against Dr Fauci, the individual best equipped to handle the COVID-19 outbreak, have necessitated additional security. The fringiest of the right-wing fringe is convinced that Dr Fauci, a technocrat who has served under Republican and Democratic administrations since the Reagan Era, is a Hillary Clinton supporter who is trying to undermine Trump. The true dead-enders actually believe that Dr Fauci created the coronavirus as a bioweapon... these out-of-work lunatics and Russian trolls are doing their level best to make Dr Fauci a victim of stochastic terrorism.

I see a parallel between the demonization of Dr Fauci and the demonization of climate scientists- these are people who tell 'inconvenient truths', and the cult members who are wed to the right-wing narrative would like to see them silenced, even if that silence is through violence. Ignorance and partisanship just might doom this country.

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