Friday, July 27, 2018

I've Heard this Song Before

For connoisseurs of outré news, Florida is a constant wellspring of wonder. My favorite Florida story of the week (nobody died, so this is guilt-free joy) is the tale of a woman who brandished a gun and compelled her Uber driver to help her with sketchy tasks:

Deputies said a woman named “Kimberly” accepted a dispatch from Uber to pick up Betty Jo Halter from Marvin's Garden Mini Storage and Business Center in Bunnell.

Investigators said Kimberly told them that Halter appeared frantic when she opened the door of the car and started loading items from a storage unit into the vehicle.

Kimberly asked Halter to stop what she was doing, but she continued to do so and then sat in the front passenger seat, deputies said.

When Kimberly asked Halter to get out of the car and remove her belongings, Halter pulled a gun from a pink Coach bag and pointed it at Kimberly, an arrest report said.

This story immediately reminded me of one of my favorite solo efforts by Wall of Voodoo frontman Stan Ridgway. I've long been a fan of Wall of Voodoo and have an appreciation for Mr Ridgway's noir sensibilities. These sensibilities are beautifully showcased by "Drive," She Said:

The promotional video even looks like a classic scene from a film noir. Of course, the femme fatale in Mr Ridgway's song wasn't dumb enough to go home, and the song was the time before phone apps which identify users. Florida just isn't sending us its best femme fatales.


Harry Hamid said...

And some of them, I suppose, are good people.

Many years ago, I bought Ridgway's "Mosquitos" CD and really liked it. For some reason, I never explored his stuff any further than that, though. Now that I'm listening to music through Apple streaming, it's time.

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