Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mars Needs Women Sanity

Wow, there are a couple of 'cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs' stories regarding the Red Planet lately- the first is that the main purveyor of lunatic fringe right wing buffoonery has featured a guest who claims that there is a pedophile ring on Mars, claims the resulted in a response from NASA to the contrary. For the record, the purveyors of this lunacy received White House press credentials from Vulgarmort. I know I've posted the Dead Milkmen song Stuart on numerous occasions, but this 1988 release perfectly encapsulates the lunatic-right worldview:

It's appalling to see how 'normalized' this sort of idiocy has become... far from a small operation based from a P.O. Box in Pueblo, Colorado, this shit is now big business.

The other whacko story is the President stating that he wants to land a human on Mars within his first term, probably using a coal-powered spacecraft. This stated goal doesn't mesh with Trump's general attitude toward science and education.

If Trump does decide to land humans on Mars, I suggest that he starts by sending a corps of right-wing conspiracy theorists to investigate the Martian pedophile ring- these people did such a bang-up job at Comet Ping Pong.

The post-title riffs off of this piece of glorious Sci-Fi cheese, which starred the dear, departed Yvonne Craig:

The movie inspired a gloriously cheesy 1980s song of the same title by Peter Wolf:

The movie also inspired the Hoodoo Gurus' song Mars Needs Guitars, a personal Bastard favorite:

Anyway, I wouldn't mind seeing Trump sending an 'Ark B' to Mars... it's not like anybody needs a telephone sanitizer anymore.


mikey said...

The fucking idiot thinks you can do anything in two weeks - after that he completely loses interest in it. The fact that the US has no heavy lift capability and we're not really sure how much shielding we need to protect humans on the long trip to Mars and back is actually too deep and complex for the idiot to comprehend...

Anonymous said...

My favorite song on this topic is by a really acerbic singer/songwriter named Tonio K:

From the same record, his song The New Dark Ages is quite a good anthem for our times, I think:

Smut Clyde said...

I approve of the Tonio K. linkage. I may have sometimes linked to the "Life in the Food Chain" album.

The Whackyweedia tells me that some gobshite turned "Mars Needs Moms" into a craptacular semi-synthetic movie, because of course he did.